advantages of lecture method

Advantages of the lecture Effective lecturers can communicate the intrinsic interest of a subject through their enthusiasm. In this method, the teacher demonstrates all the activities given in the lesson before his students and explain the difficult points in the middle through the lecture. 6. Teachers prefer combining strategies to achieve better results in class. The method does not appear to focus on Conceptual learning as much as factual or perceptual learning. Lectures can be specifically organized to meet the needs of particular audiences. Advantages of lecture Method It is quite economical method because it is possible to handle a large number of students at a time & no laboratory equipments, aids, materials are required. Large material of any subject can be covered and discussed. The lecture information may be forgotten quickly. In the Lecture method of teaching, some information on the subject is already known to the students. it is the oldest method of teaching. One of the problems in this method is to grab the attention of students in class room. Some teachers think the traditional lecture method of teaching is the only way, while others claim students need to be more actively involved in the learning process. Learning is not a simple process. ADVERTISEMENTS: e. * Lectures allow the instructor maximum control of the learning experience. There is uniformity of facts given to the students. The teacher can be a model. It easily fits in when introducing a new concept or topic 4. At this level it is difficult for student to pick new concepts using lecture method of teaching. Below is a list, followed by some descriptions of each of these. The lecture method is common in college classes due to its convenience and ability to pass on information to a large group at once. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lecture 1669 Words 7 Pages The use of lecture for instruction is extremely common and according to Mowbray and Perry (2015) is the most common use of instruction used in institutions not only in the United States, but in the world. Advantages of the method demonstration practice of teaching include the ability for participants to see, feel and participate directly in the learning process and the enhanced learning ability of those being instructed. The main types are: 1. focusing on content and educational materials 2. focusing on students or pupils 3. focusing on a teacher as the ‘center source’ of knowledge All other methods are different combinations of these three main categories. In the Lecture method of teaching giving notes to the student is very important but some students may not be habituated to take dictation and notes. Attention level is not the same while student listening the lecture. There is no check up whether teaching beneficial or not. In the lecture method, only the teacher is talking and the students are just listening. Lecture method of teaching is the oldest teaching method applied in educational institution. The method/s and/ or resources used by teachers determine whether learners will be active or passive. Demonstration method of teaching is a traditional classroom strategy used in technical and training colleges and in teacher education.. Focus, Structure and Principles . Lecture method is usually somewhat inferior to that of other teaching methods in developing student’s problem-solving skills. Lecture Method of Teaching |Advantages, Disadvantages, Rights of women in India: Women Laws India, New Farm Laws 2020 – New agriculture reforms in India, FORMAT OF ANTICIPATORY BAIL APPLICATION 438, Conciliation in Industrial Disputes Act,1947, Political parties under RTI: In Favour and Against, You can demonstrate and use any type of media while teaching. In the lecture method of teaching the teacher are well qualified and they can pay attention to the student personally. Because In the Lecture method of teaching students can ask the questions to the teacher and they can raise any query about any topic. 8 advantages of lecture method in teaching geography are given below: (i) It is quite economical method. 18. (ii) Using this method the knowledge can be imparted to the students quickly and the prescribed syllabus can be covered in a short time. The lecture method of teaching has among others the following merits: 1. It is very convenient in handling a large group/class 3. 5- … * Lectures can be presented to large audiences. Meaning of Demonstration Method of Teaching. This is problematic because the student takes on a passive role, which can hinder learning. You have entered an incorrect email address! It may not be possible for a teacher to pay attention to all the students in a huge class. A well-rehearsed lecture can be presented quickly and planned ahead of time to fit into a... Lectures can be pre-recorded and recycled. In our tertiary A lecture (from the French lecture, meaning reading) is an oral presentation intended to present information or teach people about a particular subject, for example by a university or college teacher.Lectures are used to convey critical information, history, background, theories, and equations. Lecture method is the oldest method of teaching. * Effective lecturers can communicate the intrinsic interest of a subject through their enthusiasm. The lecture should be given when information is not readily accessible to the student, or the information supports previous lessons given. The main advantages are: 1. Advantages of Question-Answer Method (i) It can be used in all teaching situations. The lecture method is one of the best methods of teaching. The noun "lecture" dates from 14th century, meaning "action of reading, that which is read," from the Latin lectus, pp. Lectures are the most prevalent form of instruction in schools, especially higher education facilities. Teacher has full control of what students are to learn.The shortcomings of the Lecture Method are as follows: 1. Students need be active learners to keep the brain working and integrating new information. 2. The lecture method has a few advantages that has kept it as the standard approach to teaching for so long. The verb "to lecture" is attested from 1590.The noun "lectern" refers to the reading desk used by lecturers. There are different classroom strategies. Students’ involvement in this teaching method is just to listen and sometimes pen down some notes if necessary during the lecture, combine the information and organized it. * Lectures can present large amounts of information. 17. With the increasing size of classes, lectures have become the only method … Conclusion: The results revealed that the blended method is effective in increasing the students' learning rate. Effective teaching methods as per the interests of the pupils. Logical arrangement of the material in order to present it orally. This gives great... Lectures are efficient. 5. In this teaching method a large amount the topics can be covered in a single class period. * Lectures appeal to those … Demonstration Strategy focus to … 2. Advantages of Lecture Method. Psychologically this method is acceptable because individuals are not alike. The Lecture Method Teaching in the modem university is heavily orient- ed toward the lecture: in fact we can say it is without doubt the most important formal teaching method used. This teaching method is one way channel of communication of information. Also, the lecture method can be used to supplement other methods of instruction. The pouring process is educationally not perfect or recommended for secondary level students. Benefits of Lectures. 4. This method is useful for science subjects. 1. In a classroom lecture, the teacher will talk about one subject for a set amount of time. Lesson develops continuously as teacher plans the lectures in advance, which prove to be an important fact that less time is required to arrange such lectures. The Lecture Method has both strong points as well as some drawbacks. The lecture is not effective when the objects are not clear. By making use of this method, teacher feels very secure and … It is very convenient and large material of any subject can be covered and discussed. The advantages of this method are that the pupil is seeing everything happening before them. 1. They actually are meaningful, active and interesting experiences or activity in the class. It's time-saving thus enables the lecturer to finish the course outline in time; many facts or ideas in a relatively short time 2. The emphasis is on the presentation of the content. By making use of this method, teacher can keep a logical sequence of subject properly. TEACHING METHODS. Introduction In any classroom what teachers do have impact on how well-disposed students are to learning. Large material of any subject can be explained in a short span of time. Using of this method exclude the using of any equipment or Lab. Improve the quality of the instructions provided. Learning is an active process thus study should encourage to actively participate in the class room instead of just listening the teacher. The lecture method is very easy to teach and explain. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Merits and Demerits of Lecture Method of Teaching Science are as follows: Merits of Lecture Method This method offers certain merits or advantages, mention of some of which are as follows: a. Lecture method is not well suited to the development of high-level intellectual skills and attitudes. The team-teaching method practiced mainly at a single classroom or space and it developed to improvise the learning strategies for the students. The lecture method has a few advantages that has kept it as the standard approach to teaching for so long. Fewer instructional materials are used. In Lecture method of teaching students are depending on the teacher. * Lecturers can model how professionals work through disciplinary questions or problems. Right or wrong, people believe that lectures have these advantages: Below is a list, followed by some descriptions of each of these. It can cover a wide topic within a short time. The teacher clarifies the content matter to the students … It is possible to handle a large number of students at a time and no laboratory, equipment, aids, materials are required. Using this method the knowledge can be imparted to students quickly & prescribed syllabus can be covered in short time. Make the best usage of abilities, interests, and expertise in the teacher’s community. They are not able get full advantage of the lecture. Students become more familiar with the teacher. This is the reason then for asking today. Mini-lectures should really be the norm. Students become more familiar with the teacher. Key words : Effects of lecture method, Wordle, Performance of students, Curriculum studies 1 1. Teacher control: Because the lecture is delivered by one authoritative figure – a teacher, professor, or instructor of some other kind – that person has full reign of the direction of the lesson and the tone of the classroom. (iii) It is … It is based on the philosophy of idealism. of legere "to read." Advantages of Lecture method of teaching You can demonstrate and use any type of media while teaching It can be early revived. This creates laziness in the classroom by stopping the communication between the student and the teacher. Lectures are straightforward. Benefits Of Lectures. The lecture method provides for the effective use of time and manpower in that the instructor can present many ideas to a large group in a relatively short period of time. This is a technical era, we can have everything on the internet without the help of other.but that is not the best way to understand any topic. Teacher can teach a large group at the same time. Good and Merkel (1959) suggest lecture as a method of teaching by which the instructor gives an oral presentation of facts or principles to learners and the class usually being responsible for note taking, usually implies little or no class participation by such means … The lecture method involves the teacher doing all the talking with little or no input from the students. Within this section a variety of teaching methodologies will be explored and their various advantages and disadvantages outlined. Another big problem is that many students in the class cannot follow the theme. 3. Its subsequent meaning as "a discourse on a given subject before an audience for purposes of instruction" is from the 16th century. This method refers to the explanation of the topic to the students. It is important that teachers learn to use a variety of teaching methodologies in order to cater for the range of learning needs and requirements that are present within most class environments. Students’ satisfaction in blended learning method was higher than lecture method. Lecture are often forgotten by the students soon after while learning is retained if activities are experienced. In the field of education Lecture method of teaching is the best tool to explain any topic to students. Criticism on Marginal Productivity Theory, Jurisprudence – Meaning, Definition and Branches of …, Business Research – Definition, Origin and Types …, Historical Background of French Constitution Notes & …. June 15, 2011, Harri Daniel, Comments Off on Benefits Of Lectures. Students are given facts so they are saved the time and effort. Lectures can present material not otherwise available to students. Language using in the lecture is above the standard of the students. Teacher delivers the same lecture to both students without recognizing the individual differences. * Lectures can be specifically organized to meet the needs of particular audiences. Learning has a strong influence on method of teaching. * Lectures present little risk for students. Lectures allow teachers to deliver information to students as planned. 1. In this teaching method a large amount the topics can be covered in a single class period. Classroom teaching methods generate a lot of debate among educators. Large material of any subject can be covered and discussed. In British English and several other languages the noun "… The advantage of giving a lecture is that a great deal of information to students in an organized and focused manner. Students who are not auditory learners or who lack note taking skills may struggle with the lecture method of teaching. (ii) It helps in developing the power of expression of the stu­dents. The Benefits of Lecture Capture How lecture capture enhances the student experience It’s ideal for distance learning students, part-time students and international students – really any student who can’t be physically present in a teaching room at a given time for any number of reasons. Advantage: Indicates Current Skill Level When an individual participates in a role-playing scenario, she is demonstrating the way that she would actually handle a similar situation in real life.

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