which version of html introduced different document types?

HTML is more forgiving and easier to learn. In HTML 4.0 with the use of style sheets, it is now possible to change the appearance/look of the website by changing just the style sheet (s) itself. For example, if you leave off tags in HTML, your code will still work reliably. Browser makers started to (and still do) create their own features (thus requiring additional tags to use the features but the tags themselves were not part of the actual HTML specification). Webpage developers had to spend so much time manually coding font and color information on many different pages because of these styl… It – Then - seems that all one needs to do for using HTML 5 is: Replace the W3C Document Type Definition with . If you don't have a specific situation that calls for something else, then you should use HTML 5. Since the initial release, lots of version of Html has been developed. Although HTML 3.20 specification included support for CSS (cascaded style sheets), browser manufactures did not support it very well in their browsers. HTML is the combination of Hypertext and Markup language. 3. ©2020 Techna Center, LLC. Your first decision when creating a web page is whether to write in HTML or XHTML. HTML Navigational Element (