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Justin Webb interviewed Guy Verhofstadt, the EU parliament’s representative to the Brexit negotiations. Under the terms of its Charter, the BBC has a duty to be impartial in reporting on all matters, be they social, economic, political, or other topics. He criticised Theresa May for wanting to limit the amount the U.K. has to pay, but also seemed to be saying that she was only wanting to limit the amount to appease Tory backbenchers rather than to benefit the U.K. as a whole. There is no such thing as crashing. When she did eventually get to speak, and asked KW to allow her to finish, Jacqueline Foster referred to KW’s studio guest being extremely negative. It’s not in anyone’s interests. In the past the growth figure is just stated, not compared. Your report on progress of negotiations for brexit was not balanced and highly biased. His sneering embitterments at being banned from the White House, broadcast now in front of the railings aren’t worth watching, buy the Guardian instead. To report a technical issue with the News website or app. Ley made few attempts to interrogate these views and left the arrogant Blair to drone on, uninterrupted, for several minutes. You have forgotten you are a public broadcasting organisation representing the people not your own prejudices. Utter garbage these days, especially the News. Ww certainly will not, the public will not allow it. We’re not linked to or affiliated with the BBC, and can’t guarantee that we will use your complaint directly in our work. Newsnight with Evan Davis, a rabid Farage hater, is another example of bias. THE BRITISH PUBLIC VOTED TO LEAVE SO CAN YOU AT THE BBC ACCEPT IT? His arguments that a no deal situation would not be the disaster she argued, was, in each example, he quoted, aggressively interrupted. Jeremy would be surprised how many Academics, Landowners, business owners, young professionals, farmers, Lawyers, even financial services people here in the North voted to leave Europe and knew exactly why and what the immediate and long term consequences would be and will be. There HAS to be something that can be done as we strongly object to funding this political party through our license fee. * Your complaint. BBC (UK) complaints contacts. “However, the BBC’s assistant political editor Norman Smith has said the governor had “come down with a resounding thump” in favour of remaining in the EU, pointing out that Mr Carney also praised the deal that David Cameron had struck with Europe to safeguard the City of London”. Will he ask her about how she defended her husband when he abused woman. BBC News Services The obvious point that Mr Webb could have made is that EU citizens currently enjoy some rights that even British citizens do not enjoy such as bringing in spouses from outside the EU without restriction. This is utter rubbish, as the BBC editors will know, she has said we want to negotiate free access to the Single Market and the best possible trading relationship with the EU. I would have referred to as their reporter seemed tottally unaware of these facts . Where it is unable to do so, it simply buries the story. Irish Border : Republic and N Ireland. The Lib Dem conference got a similar one liner - to titters around the obviously lefty audience. The BBC used to be impartial..But no more, and everybody knows it. It’s outrageous the BBC allow this level of bias. All my long life the Beeb was balanced on Political coverage. You never see this the other way round. A news item including children in Wales being questioned about their views on Brexit. It seems increasingly apparent that the BBC will do it’s utmost to put a negative spin on any Brexit story and make it headline news. The while tenure and tone was of if NO agreement is reached then it is a step back to the bad old days. It is ludicrous to suggest that we be accepting lower standards from either the USA or the EU. These three aspects were reported in a grossly misleading way, providing a materially distorted picture of the actual position, and suggesting a pro-EU bias at the BBC. Next time how about having equal sides !!! There is no hint of shame about it. These were glossed over. This letter was hidden for thirty years and because the media are controlled will never be mentioned or discussed. We have been monitoring the BBC’s output for 17 years and thus have unmatched experience and expertise. Whilst driving to work this morning two key points of bias reporting by BBC Radio 4 morning programme came out of the radio at me and I am sure millions of others. Negotiating using the Lisbon treaty is a diversion to ensure we stay in. What is his motivation this time. As such, you may also wish to voice your concerns directly to the BBC using the Corporation’s own complaints procedure. The BBC is the world's oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees, with about 23,000 staff. As a remain voter, I see every attempt by BBC radio 4 to re-present the vote as an insult to democracy and, in this instance, an embarrassment. And I supported remain but this bias is unacceptable in a taxpayer funded media outlet. This was Tory bashing no less. No attempt was made to her suggestion that trade would not come to an abrupt stop or be chaotic etc . Just do everyone a favour and change the record, Channel: BBC OnlineProgramme Date: 18/09/2018Author: DrBloorLaura Kussenberg article in which she describes a no-deal Brexit as “armageddon”, and a “catastrophe” that will create “turmoil”. If you'd like to submit a complaint to the BBC you can do so on the BBC Complaints website. The EU wants EU citizens post-brexit to have exactly the same rights as they enjoy now which from a EU perspective is not controversial but needs to be challenged if the requests are unreasonable. Two of the guests who were giving comments on the Sunday Papers were Ayesha Hazarike and Nigel Farage. Typically any pro- Brexit contributors who give a positive view on the country’s future are out-numbered by 2:1 or more by contributors giving counter and nearly always intimidatory views. By implication this duty should extend to representing the views of all UK citizens, including those held by the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU. BBC never balanced the report with those EU Citizens who applies for British Citizenship. The panel guests are clearly smart and funny people otherwise they wouldn’t be on the TV. THE BRITISH PUBLIC VOTED TO LEAVE SO CAN YOU AT THE BBC ACCEPT IT? In fact there have been no commercial customs in place since 1922 and the Government has stated continually they do not want any physical infrastructure in place at the Irish border. All talk was of how bad it will be if we leave. How come Emma Barnett let Nick Clegg say that we older voters in the EU Referendem have negatively affected young peoples future. The obvious point is that post-brexit the CJEU will effectively be a foreign court to which the UK is not a signatory. The whole radio and media has, Not only on this subject but other issues, Emma Barnett is so biased, Needs to take a lesson or two from Adrian Childs, A disgraceful display from the so-called 'unbiased' BBC. Last week Guy Aitchison of openDemocracy and Defend Peaceful Protest and I published a letter of complaint we sent to the BBC concerning the coverage by BBC News of the policing of the G20 protests. Seems to be the case with BBC programmes these days, anti Brexit which has been shown so many times by multi BBC programmes, I'm a woman born in 1950s and they never show anything of the women demonstrating at parliament or conservative conference for 2 examples despite many MPs of all parties supporting the WASPI campaign ! Europe is a wonderful place. Since the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand 'Sachsgate' controversy There's a few sites debating this and other BBC complaints. Call BBC Trust on 03700 103 100. Yet more unwarranted attacks on Mrs May, her leadership and Brexit. The apiece was in response to the very good news that UK manufacturing and exports are at the highest level in 10 years. Why the BBC saw fit to report this other than an anti brexit bias is beyond me I couldn’t believe what I was watching.. I have to ask, what on Earth do the BBC think they are doing interviewing 11-year old children, in a school group environment, as part of a serious news programme?! She compared the loses for small businesses to the Foot and Mouth outbreak. BBC Parliament. I find all BBC news programmes, without exception, are biased to remaining in the EU. The impression given that we are doomed if we join the huge number of Countries from beyond the EU who trade with Europe ,and the rest of the world , via WTO arrangements and other trade deals, is surely a distorted one ? I shall again be complaining to the BBC, unfortunately for the 5th time in a year and the 2nd time about the same interviewer. We need more optimistic views from those who are looking forward to Brexit and less views from your reporters. The BBC is supposed to be impartial and her reporting does not reflect this at all. There was no corrective to this impression – the obvious points being that nothing prevents one country (e.g. Interview with Rachel Reeves MP regarding damage to the UK car industry if there is no deal and the U.K. leaves on WTO terms. As someone who has lived in 5 European countries and worked extensively in Europe over 20 years I’ve seen the EU close up. As Brexit has never happened before how is it that the BBC know so much about what we are going to lose and regret leaving. This was confirmed by Lord KIlmuir’s letter to Edward Heath. This is not the first time this program has shown extensive bias. The UK does not allow the US supreme court to govern the rights of US citizens in the UK or the Indian Supreme court to govern the rights of Indian nationals in the UK? Totally agree. The only challenge was when Mr Webb stated (accurately) that this would create a new class of citizenship guaranteed in perpetuity which is of course different from UK citizens whose rights and obligations can be changed with successive parliaments. The website is ranked #82 among millions of other websites according to Alexa traffic rank.. Alexa is the most popular service used to rank websites based on their traffic and pageviews. You can choose between postal or online written contact, phoning via 03700 100 222. Shame on you BBC: how can you give airtime to a yesterday’s man who clearly hasn’t got a clue about the meaning of the word democracy? you may ask. Our hope is that you will alert us to as many examples as possible of BBC EU bias. Next up we had Sadiq Khan London Mayor at around 07:50 tell us why he wanted something different for London as London voted to stay part of the EU and that people didn’t vote to make themselves poor along with a number of other negative comments and we had no counter to this from the leave side of the discussion what so ever, BBC (Bias Brooadcasting Corporation) an absolute disgracefull reporting and an all to commond outcome from the BBC reporting bias across its whole structure. On the other hand, Laura Kuenssberg (yet again) decided to ignore that positivity and ask negative questions about unrelated subjects in an attempt to make Theresa May foolish. They know full well that they have a great deal of influence and that they reach an audience of millions. At 9:33, Dr Carney makes clear the BoE report, and his comments, should not be interpreted as making a recommendation for, or against, the EU. News reporting should not be allowed to be hyped up, with reporters becoming actors to try to force their opinions, or those of whoever they are working for, on the population. This is contrary to recent surge in the pound which should be celebrated, yet the BBC want to slowly but surely change the publics view on the how Brexit is having negative impact. It does make me wonder whether this a personal opinion as I can’t see very many of his ex-colleagues wanting to brief him on the current state of negations Especially when you have articles like this which suggests more progress is being made than what’s being reported by media outlets such as the BBC: We are all going to live with the outcome of Brexit. We now switch over to ITV and Aljazeera for a more balanced view and to find out what is happening in the rest of the world not just the ‘Brexit bubble’. Boris Johnson’s Andrew Marr interview prompts so many complaints that BBC website encourages people to criticise its own presenter. She said during the interview that she was at a distinct disadvantage by not being in the studio where she would’ve been better situated to properly take issue with some of the negative & misleading comments coming from Kirsty Wark’s studio guest Peter Morris. Complained to BBC about its biased approach. This site has been created by News-watch. I believe the reporting to be a pessimistic view instead of celebrating all the good that has come about and that can come out of Brexit. we want entertainment. I don’t need to resort to presenting the uninformed views of children to reinforce an argument. She is part of the left side of American Politics. Report EU Bias. I wish to complain about the alarmist, clearly anti-Brexit reporting done by Laura Kuenssberg in the News today. Together with a Karnal Ahmed and Nick Watts in other places, these days the BBC is so unobjective that it’s become boring. There were no facts, statistics etc just highly pessimistic speculation. the regulated EU market) and the European market, which is the market for goods and services in Europe, from which we can never be excluded! This is already biased as it was 2:1 but what made it worse was the fact that the leave voter said he would be a remainer now so basically you interviewed three pro remainers. Isn’t it time that ALL reporters, are legally bound to report only the facts of the news, not speculation, not ‘story telling’ as the BBC Head of News called it. Read 13 more reviews about BBC Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Advertisement. I can only think of one occasion when they have poked fun at the Remain campaigners, yet they are constantly bashing BREXIT. BBC programmes which received more than 1002 complaints are included in the table I recorded the Programme and played it back to myself and the bias is extreme. And, on the evidence, this dairy farmers/ cooperatives/ companies now setting up new trade with China are doing so within the EU – we haven’t left yet. This makes all our treaties with the EU unlawful. Almost every day Jeremy Vine uses the subject of the day to reopen the discussion of the possibility of reversing Brexit. From Ian Hislop to Jo Cockburn this band of metro do-gooders are so predictable it’s nauseous to endure. The BBC will not mention that we have a constitution and in fact Nick Robinson on the Today programme repeated the Government lie that we do not have a written constitution. Breaking news, sport, TV, radio and a whole lot more. Very old footage of the border was shown during the time of the troubles. 9,646 complaints in total were received at Stage 1. BBC once again portrays a doom and gloom story on the main news web page. John Lally, head of the industry body, the NCC, attributes this rise in sales to a change in holiday behaviour. When Mr Verhofstadt replied that this was not the case (and it most definitely is) Mr Webb simply dropped the point. Significant time, and at least 4 bashes at BREXIT/BREXIT supporters with no balance despite the fact that George Soros, “The man who broke the Bank of England” has just given £400,000 to the remain campaign. Post Brexit I will still continue to trade successfully deal or no deal. Once more Question Time continuously invites “Remain” speakers v “Brexiteers” on a ratio of 2 or 3 to one, even 4 if you include Dimbleby. Jo Coburn interviews John Redmond from leave means leave and Jenny Chapman, Labour shadow Brexit minister. You regularly sink to the lowest professional standards with the use of VOX POPs which are meaningless as they depend entirely on the editorial involvement. If the material was on a BBC website, please provide link. If you want to complain about any BBC news output, go to the BBC Complaints website. Her biased anti government / conservative reporting goes from bad to worse coupled with personal attacks on Teresa May.

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