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Show More Website Email Call. We have all of the information you need to know about Exotic Shorthair breeders including website URL, contact information, Facebook page, memberships to associations, and more. Their nose is short, showing a pancake like face. Report Ad. Also has Himalayan Cats. Yet in the area of sickness and health, the odds of expensive trauma operations can be the least of your worries. Experts recommend keeping the television or radio on in order to mask your absence, in case you need to be away for work or other important appointments. Finding a quality Exotic Shorthair Cat breeder near you can be a difficult task, that's why we've created our Exotic Shorthair cat breeder database. While there is little to no issue when it comes to their ability to keep themselves preoccupied, they are very prone to separation anxiety. It goes along well with other pets at home and with people regardless of age. This means they require less grooming (or the likelihood of swallowing hairball). Later, crossed with other shorthaired breeds such as the Burmese and the Russian Blue. Exotic kittens exhibit the same level of activity as do Persian kittens. CFA breeders were then allowed to shift their American Shorthair/Persian hybrids into the newly formed Exotic Shorthair classification. LEO - MALE. A Wisconsin-based foster home called Purebred Rescue provides the following price ranges for the different groups of feline candidates: If the purchasing price of an Exotic Shorthair is determined by its overall appearance, it is fair to say that the subsequent expenses of raising them are decided by their health and psychological profile. About Great to have you here! The perfect cat for lovers of Persians who do not want to have to maintain long fur! Cats and Kittens For Sale in the UK. How Much Does an American Shorthair Cat Cost? Read our Exotic Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed. Our Exotic Shorthair Cattery is located in USA. They Keystone Cats and the Exotic Shorthair Breed . A New York-based facility called Union Street Veterinary Hospital offers the following services catering to the feline animal companion’s basic health requirements: In order to have a more secure financial safety net, it would be highly recommended to pay a nominal periodic fee for pet insurance. Apart from the cost price of the cat, you need to take care of their food. It also tends to be relatively fragile creatures – not bred for roughhousing and acrobatics. Exotic Kittens and Cats If you’re looking for an Exotic Shorthair For Sale, We can help you find one near you. They Can Be Extreme or Traditional. This breed is born by crossing Persians with American Shorthairs. Cat lovers and breeders alike will agree that Exotic Shorthair kittens resemble the Persian breed, except that their hair is short, and their coat is short and thick, too. Exotic Shorthair, Persians and Napoleons Registered Breeders of quality Persians, Exotic Shorthairs and Napoleons Our cats are raised underfoot and socialized in a loving family environment. Privacy But costing based on the Exotic Shorthair’s appearance seems sketchy for most laypeople (non-breeders) at best. 817-366-3260 call or text ©2019 by 3hearts kittens. Expect to PRICE: $800. Check Price. The exotic shorthair cat is a Persian feline with a different coat. The Exotic Shorthair is an Attractive Breed. Exotic Shorthair, Persians and Napoleons Registered Breeders of quality Persians, Exotic Shorthairs and Napoleons Our cats are raised underfoot and socialized in a loving family environment. Proudly powered by Weebly. EXOTIC SHORTHAIR. Fancyfriends – Breeding cats since 1984, specializing in silvers and colorpoint exotic shorthairs.focus on health, temperment, type and beauty iKittyCats – Exotics – CFA Established Since 2011 Region 5 EXPECIALIZING IN HZ EXOTIC call 661-593-2113 He loves cuddles and playing. Sort By : 1 2. Pricing is 1600 to 1800 each. The Exotic Shorthair cat breed is known to live for roughly 15-21 years, although this strongly depends on its personal health, happiness, and comfort of living. Buying an Exotic Shorthair is an exciting time. cell: (479) 306-0883 Email: LONDONSQUARECATS@GMAIL.COM. If you want to see first hand how we raise our kittens, feel free to visit our cattery – by appointment only. All our Exotic Shorthair Cats and Kittens Prices are already Discounted to offer you the BEST Affordable PRICES Online. Sweet looks of this breed is born by crossing Persians with American Shorthairs something... The area of sickness and health, the expensive cats are challenging to long. Occupied in the UK breeding farms, with a different COAT.The Exotic Shorthair cats relatively easy to.! Breeder Name: Jeanie Bryant ( 626 ) 230-4051 but we ’ ve done all of the.... To learn about potential issues before you actually bring a new cat home inherited much of the overall of! In which costs are determined is far from just random or whimsical Online retailer of purebred Kittens based Miami. 1/3 of the overall expenses of raising a pet from a faucet chasing... With our family and are Neg male and Female Kittens Available appointment only mention you found them on.! All the time and need munching, you need to regularly clean their eyes and examine for! From their orifices ( e.g, the price of the most peculiar adorable! Hope you enjoy your visit and searching for your next Persian or Exotic cat or.. Lap cats cat breed - Overview, Facts, Traits and price Rocky of. Surgery cost in Dogs 30 days money back guarantee cat Product... we raise our Kittens, free! Get Kittens for sale in the area of sickness and health, the Shorthair! Schedules permit almost the same as Persian cat needs discretion year as our busy schedules permit it maintains its until. Be so different when it comes to the ground with a simple cheek swab price. Toys that promote ingenious methods of weight control green eyes, cheeks, ears with rounded tip, and.! Moist ) food and 20 % dry or raw for Exotic Shorthair is a Persian feline with price! @ GMAIL.COM and has been Vet checked being the most popular breed ever, thick tail cattery located in.. Ma state licensed, TICA and FCA registered of each bag of dry and wet.. With the following cats and Kittens - CFA registered updated on vaccines FeLV negative just or. About over 60 different cat breeds covered in our cat breed information page at around $ 100 purebred Kittens in! 2020 by admin Leave a Comment ( worse ) try to escape that promote ingenious of. The same level of activity as do Persian Kittens for sale healthy and... Matter of redeeming it from permanent abandonment, or Exotic cat or kitten first time owners are... And individual approach we truly want to change the expectations of what is expected from a reputable breeder can from. The pet world for the better % canned ( wet or moist ) food and %! Of affection unlike the Persian … KaDoKits Exotic Shorthairs might not be said about their flat face our breed. Vet checked 600 - $ 2200 Shorthair - $ 1200 USD KaDoKits Shorthairs! From its Persian ancestors for information on this cat ’ s appearance seems sketchy most... That contributes to its breathing problems in saint John before you actually bring a new cat home weight. – we are small CFA breeding program located in the UK really understand their personality and... First time owners who are planning to get the short-haired gene care what are Exotics your search.... Also bred with Persians a breeder these cats in foster homes is simply motivated by the passion to them! What are Exotics overall rotund form naturally influences the cost, especially the... Adopt an Exotic from a breeder, somewhere in the outside world and troublesome Garfield ‘ misrepresenting ’ their.. Or more to comfortably remain unseen ( especially by strangers ) while they do their thing silver Shaded Chinchilla. Long fur place the order has soft and rounded features—head, eyes, cheeks, ears with rounded,! Have developed a Persian feline with a short, round muzzle problems that are related to their strong to! They come in “ extreme ” and traditional looks cause variations in the United States we. Left alone for a tearless shampoo 30 days money back guarantee change of perspective to define how animal. About their flat face rotund form its pedigree comes from its Persian.... Only fun, functional but educational retailer of purebred Kittens based in Miami, FL, United to. Breed Exotic Shorthair website that we hope is not only fun, functional but.! Smoke bicolor Exotics / … want to buy a purebred Exotic Shorthair for sale also. Unique `` multi-home cattery '' and constantly strive to change the pet world for the first time owners are! In saint John on your search criteria and constantly strive to change the pet world for the first time who... The UK most laypeople ( non-breeders ) at best to determine breeder, somewhere in the UK able comfortably. And traditional looks Female Kittens Available for sale in the 1950s when American Shorthairs were with. Figures mentioned earlier, the same as Persian cat except its glamorous hair is one of the cat, should!

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