how to use acrylic medium

So I was wondering if you would mind sharing your thoughts. Hi Will, I would always favour a Varnish, it is the white matting agent in the product that can sometimes give the appearance of a cloud, or misting, but this is only really noticeable in very dark colours. Thus far I’ve had good results cutting out the image and applying a thin coat of Omnigel medium texture transfer gel to wood, stone and textures plastic. Liquitex Acrylic Colors can be used on cotton, cotton-poly blends, woven,. What do you suggest for this? Hope this helps. Thankyou Tammy, Hi Tammy, the Gel shouldn’t gum up your pens, but sometimes can lead to bleed when applied, even with archival pens. Out of the tube the Atelier Interactive paints are thick and luscious like an oil paint but this doesn’t suit every stage of the painting process. I only link to products I use and love. On some pieces I have used the mod podge and then a clear acrylic sealant (aerosol), but it doesn’t dry clear and gives the glass a frosted look that I don’t like. Clear of course, but consistency and finish would be? Gel mediums can still keep a little bit soft in comparison to a harder varnish, so a polyurethane will always be more hardwearing. The only thing to be careful of is buckling. Does the Acrylic glazing liquid gloss slow the drying time at all? Nap time painter, great idea! I really want the snow and rocks to have a really rough texture with distinct peaks. Is “Airbrush medium” suitable for the purpose? using an inexpensive small brush but doesn’t seem to do the trick adding a nice thick layer. SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS! I have a couple of pre-primed box canvasses. I’ll have a read up on varnishing too. Hi Cheryl, I have worked with Gouache in the past but tend to prefer a more textured, painterly approach of acrylics and oils. WOW! I actually do watercolors and I am looking for something easy to use as protection, to do 6 spray layers, then an isolation coat, and then 4-6 varnish coats just won’t happen… but am thinking that there surely must be an easier alternative. I’m now following you page and have bookmarked it for references for future projects! The paint was easier to work with and had a raised feel to it. karen, Hi Karen, I would use a palette knife to move the coarse pumice gel around, good luck with your santa beards! Thinned with glazing medium standard acrylic will be less powerful, just like if you were thinning them with water. Acrylic Modeling Paste Modeling paste is the most commonly used texture medium. Which I see, you seem to have an affinity for ;) . I like to see richness of colours in my paintings – so does this mean that the gloss (rather than semi gloss) would be better for me to try? Thank you Leigh Barry USA, Hi Leigh, when working with gels you can either apply the gel first to create texture and then paint on top or mix with the acrylics and then paint with that. If you do not, your acrylic painting may discolor or become brittle as it ages. Also, if it can be done, is it possible to sand or wet sand the whole or outside area to diminish the “lift” of the edge? Mediums can thicken or or thin paint, make it dry slower, add a glossy sheen or give your painting an interesting texture. 1) you can use the gel in any ratio, its just getting a balance between the opacity (more paint) or the coverage (more gel). I’ve taken my drawing abilities and transferred them to canvas and am painting a rose on a 18×24 canvas for my wife. If I send you a picture that has the “effects” that I am talking about, could you email me back with suggestions? In the UK Lion Picture framing do a satin product designed for giclee canvas prints. The best way is to try both and see which finish you personally prefer. Do you? In the video tutorial above I demonstrate Soft Gel Gloss and Coarse Pumice Gel. LOVE IT HOW IT MIXES IN WITH THE ACRYLICS. IT WORKED BETTER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD. This will give a good strong bond to the surface. Hi Will and Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You can read some thoughts on OPEN acrylics here. Thanks! Yes, that’s right, the glazing liquid for thin applications and scumbles of paint layer. There are bumpy areas. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hey Will, Love your article and tutorials. Many thanks . Hope this helps, Hi Will, I seem to have a bit of a problem. I just finished a textured painting using the crackle paste . Once you’ve finished a piece, applying an overall glaze can unify your final... 2. Hi there For my art project i want to create a painting of autumn trees and leaves, yet i want the leaves and ground to be create a texture and stand out from the rest of the peice. Sorry if it is a silly question. Another suggests lightly sanding that “top coat” to get a tooth back for the final image on top. Would you please help with this? 3. Massive help. Will gel medium matte, glue all those and if so, how long does it take to dry? Jan. You can change color opacity, drying time and texture, and protect your finished work. Hi will I am currently working on a portrait underpainting using system 3acrylic raw umber using thin glazes of water .what I have noticed is that the pigment has separated in the water making the paint look very grainy . ANY TIPS OUT THERE HOW TO GET OIL TO DRY FASTER? The name is often descriptive of the consistency, binder and lustre finish. I want my Golden Acrylics to look flatter on a painting I am about to start. Cheers, Will. Hello You Designs. Cheers, Will. Use absorbent, medium-to-heavy weight fabrics without deep texture for best results. I am working on a journal and my pages are getting stuck together! Hi Peggy, you could apply the photos with a gel and mod podge, yu might find this video helpful about creating wooden picture transfer images. So far I’ve tried using gel to get the right stiffness but it doesn’t flow as well. Hi Maria, a thin wash of zinc white would do it. RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: None required under normal use. It has large areas of many Grays / Blacks / dark tones and I don’t want to loose the pigment variation but I do want the finish to be uniform. It might be a bit tricky with the tar gel because it has been specifically designed to level out and will never be able to stay in a fixed, hard shape. This should help prevent pages sticking together (a gloss finish would be the most suitable for non stickiness but it depends on the aesthetic finish you’re after, it comes in a matt finish also. This is the easiest way to achieve a ‘Flat’ look. It’s also hard to get good art supplies where I live so I like to research my purchases well beforehand. Hi Karen, mixing in with soft gel would work, just test a small piece first to see if it is the effect you’re after. Good one Annette, enjoy exploring the site. Cheers, Will. Apologies for the long-winded explanation – I tend to ramble … :). I mentioned this briefly to my tutor this week and she suggested a gel medium but, having read your article, I have no idea if (a) this is the solution or (b) which one to use? Anyways, thank you for the quick reply. My question is this “Will a gloss gel medium add texture and a sort of 3D effect to the petals of the rose if I use a palette knife to shape the medium and then paint it my final color and the shading area color?” Please help as I have to have this done by the 16th of April for her birthday. Acrylic Still Life Painting Tutorial – Terracotta Plant Pots (Free 1 hr video tutorial), Painting over a painting, the pros and cons,, This video shows a demonstration of the different qualities of the Molding Pastes, another method you might find of interest, video with the pastel ground being applied, difference between Golden Gels and Pastes, Why some artists varnish their work and other artists don’t, this video helpful about creating wooden picture transfer images, 3 reasons why artists varnish their work (and why some artists don’t), I respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously -. Hoping you can help me. Thanks for much for the response. Cheers, Will, Will, thankyou for replying Considering all it’s other uses, I think I’ll buy some and test out a few things. I’ve watched lots of demo videos on acrylic abstract art, large pieces where they seem to slop paint on and moveit around, and I’m still none the wiser as to whether the acrylic is mixed with a pouring medium to make the colours blend better? 1) I’d like to try the regular gel – just because I tend to use a lot of paint and hoping this will extend my paints and make them go further. Glass Palette – Great for artists using the acrylic medium. You can mix in paint to the molding paste to give the green effect, but the surface texture would be satin. Hi Lynnette, yes that would work, I often use a glazing medium for adding thinner glazes of colour due to the more fluid nature of the medium, but a gloss medium with a tiny touch of water would also work well. It is surprisingly sticky and is also available as a Matte medium which might give a better look for your anniversary present. So there you have 2 awesome diy acrylic pouring medium options! Cheers, Will. If using just retarder and paints it’s not usually recommended to exceed 15% (1:6) but if you’re just misting over the top it should be fine. Gloss or matte? its not a pouring medium but has a tar-like quality to it. Is there any way to reconstitute it or should I just toss it out? Thanks for your help and all your information! Will, I am a model railroader who uses Golden extra heavy gel to simulate water falls. My local art store was stumped. As using student quality is much more tranlucent and it will make it harder for you to achieve that ‘pure white’ effect. Spray can give you the most even finish with no visible brush marks but you’ll have more loss of product, it’s a touch more expensive. Simply mix the Liquitex Pouring Medium straight into acrylic paint, stir it and it's ready to use. Hi Lyn, you can get an acrylic ground for pastels which will give you a good surface. PROBABLY WOULD WORK WELL ON JUST ABOUT ANYTHING BECAUSE THESE STONES WERE GOOD SIZE BUT THEY WERE FLAT STONES. Many thanks! Can I mix a tiny bit of color in the gloss medium I am using for the finish on the whole painting? Just working through the website and learning an awful lot! I’m just getting into acrylics and really enjoying your site. I am attempting to paint on wood using a medium (heavy gel) can I apply this to the wood allow it to dry and then proceed painting . Any comments? Also a water mister is used sometimes to create drip lines – would that be water ? This is a nice paper painting and I don’t want to ruin it. Copyright © 2012-2020 Will Kemp Art School | All rights reserved |. I wanted to know if I could write on the painting while it is still wet and have the words blend into an image but still be readable . There is so much advice on surfaces that I am really confused. The colour of the paste will dependent on the brand you use, but most are white. I would use a ‘glazing liquid gloss’ for the transparent bottle and a ‘heavy gel’ for the textured piece. I have always painted water colors but am now trying to use acrylics. I hope to be able to take some of your courses soon! Would you go for Varnish above the Medium as a top coat? I have been trying to create a mixture of the two but no luck. How can I adhere it? I’d hold the print up to the light and see how shiny it is in relation to a couple of swatches of the gloss and matte gels, then you can match the sheen so your textures blends in. You can apply the layers with the soft gel gloss and then add a final finishing layer of satin varnish to unify the look. Thanks for this great post, Will. I paint with acrylic paints. “…but it wouldn’t be used in replace of a retarder.” Does it just not extend it as long? can anyone tell me if i can use regular mediums with OPEN acrylics, or do i need to buy mediums that are designed specifically for open acrylic paints. Cheers, Will, Q Will, I want to put 10-15 coats of clear glazing for top coat over collage cutout Mylar piece. Most mediums are available in matte and gloss. I want it glossy but not ridiculously glossy. Hope this helps Jan and good luck with the painting! I used this process: paint the surface with the heavy gel, place the paper on top, paint over the paper, leave, and rub off with a damp cloth. My artwork is geometrical, detailed and lines have to be very precise with no bleed. Hi Ron, nice technique for the waterfalls, I can’t think of a medium for accelerating the drying time as most of the acrylic mediums are focused on increasing the drying them, might be a question for Golden technical support, they’re super helpful. Help! I READ THAT ON THE WINSOR & NEWTON WEBSITE. Any advice to keep a thick and consistant painting while using pouring method? I am looking for a matte finish. What product do you recommend I use to achieve perfect lines/shapes? Here’s a video that goes through the acrylic image transfer process. Not if you’re using acrylics as most boards come pre-primed, you might find this article interesting. Thanks a lot. Many thanks! :), Hi Ria, I wouldn’t personally use a water soluble medium under an oil painting as the thinners used with the oil painting will disturb the underlying layer. Like all polymer mediums, they dry to a clear finish. is there a way to ‘dilute’ ‘reconstitute the mediums like soft gel ,matte and reguular gel for instance. Another quality of oil paint is that you can apply it in a thick manner. Hi Joan, yes you can combine mediums together to create a mix and flow that works for you. Oh, I forgot to add that the drops range from thin to robust. Hi Will, I am using Liquitex gel medium for decoupage. Sorry I have so many questions, but I haven’t found many people who’ve worked with such a range of products. For the latter one, I read that GAC800 is a good product. The best thing to do would be to try a test sample, the matte gel will slightly lighten the dark on the pen due to the matting agent used in the gel being white, but I wouldn’t want to give you a definite yes about them bleeding due to not personally testing them. Have a look at this page to give you an idea of the different effects of acrylic gels. Hi Will, I am trying to do a wet on wet watercolour grounding for a pastel painting (hard pastels). is this true? If it can be done, to reduce the stickiness afterward of the gel medium, should I seal/varnish it, or just let it be? Hope it helps, Cheers, Will. Hi Will, I’m finally making the jump into mixed media. if so would you apply after stretching the paper or would you use some other medium? Cheers, Will. Hi Nada, I would usually restore the sheen and saturation to a painting in the final varnish layer. Pro tip: Archivally the acrylic mediums are very safe, with no discolouration as opposed to oil paint where the more oil added, the slower the drying time and higher the likelihood of the painting to discolour over time – due to the extra quantity of oil in the paint film. Thanks so much! I used Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel on a 12 x 24 canvas. To dilute the paint consistency yet still keep visible brush marks. I can’t imagine there would be, but I don’t personally use Mod Podge within my works so couldn’t say for sure. Hi Sheryl, if you paint with a translucent white such as zinc white it will give you that smokey effect. Hi Sandi, ‘acrylic tar gel’ would give you a stringy, dripped effect. Hi Will, I am doing a Frank Lloyd Wright’s leaded glass painting (72wx24h) in watercolor using a 300lb paper. There are a variety of acrylic mediums that you can use to alter the consistency of the paint. What is the effect you are trying to achieve? HA! I know they sell this for oils but I want to know if I could use the water soluble white under an oil painting, Thanks so much. I have also used a polyurethane varnish as well as the gel for a final coat to see if that would provide a more robust finish. This is my first try at painting with Acrylics (Golden) on a Board (Ampersand Gesso board), and it is large (3’x4′) and it’s not going well. Hope this helps. Will. A minimum of two coats is recommended. My second question would be… Is there something I can use over the mod podge to tone it down without sacrificing the pieces look over time. I AM GOING TO TRY ON SOME ROUND ONES ALSO. This thins the paint consistency from the tube (using GOLDEN heavy body acrylics) yet creates the perfect consistency for my initial ‘lay in’ stage of the painting. Thank you :). Hello Will, I am so happy I found your site! (It will, of course, dilute the coverage quality of the paint). is this correct? I have been experimenting with drying times in an attempt to find a good formula. Thanks so much! (To protect, give a nice gloss surface, and perhaps prevent from UV fading…) Thanks from Anna, Hi Anna, you can use a non-removable permanent varnish and apply with one/two coats if you prefer. I am about to start a big commission which involves really large canvas’s that I am having the frames made and the canvas stretched for me. I see people use both and both can “whiten” the colours; because many colours are similar I don’t want to lose to much definition. PROTECTIVE GLOVES: None required under normal use. You don't need all of them, I just listed them so you'll be familiar with the different materials out there. Hi Andrea, not sure how much of the salt would stay, but a clear self levelling gel would hold it. I HAVE BEEN EXPERIMENTING WITH GOLDEN PRODUCTS LATELY AND TRIED THE GLASS BEAD GEL AND LOVED IT! Forty-eight hours later, I don’t like the effect and want to remove this. Cheers, Ramsey, Pleased you’ve been enjoying the site, in terms of Image transfer, I haven’t personally used the process onto metal, tends to be more porous surfaces such as canvas or paper, here are a couple of different method using Golden Acrylic gels. Thank you so much! I am working on collages that are made from card stock photos that are torn and glued, and then I apply some paint on parts of the collage. Try glazing to alter colour effects Hello. I am making coasters and am having problems with stickiness when using hot drinks on the coasters (the whole coaster lifts up with the cup). For techniques requiring continual hand exposure, gloves are recommended. An ace site you have here by the way, much love and light Tammy, That’s the best way to go Tammy, it’s a really useful gel, both for applying an isolation coat and for extending the paints, pleased you’ve been finding the site helpful. X, Hello, I would like to do some detailed linework with sakura micron archival pens onto white fabric lampshades and possibly wood. How about a mod podgy, which one is better to use over of my picture to give more texture and make it more like a painting? Much appreciated. Hi Will, I want to make my own 24 k gold paint using part gold-colored powder pigments and part shell gold. I am using it as an adhesive and also as a top coat sealer. It depends how heavy duty the paper of your journal is, the Soft Gel gloss might be to liquid for your artwork and you run the risk of it buckling your paper or it running over the edges. How can I create the effect I am going for? You can mix the sand in with a gel, add some paint and then apply to your canvas. I want to start journaling. Hope this helps. The Matt gels have been too cloudy (diminishing the artists’ work) and the Gloss is too shiny (at some angles you cant even see the artwork). Adding Texture: Instead of using thick paint, you can create texture with a gel and paint on top. When the isolation coat has dried – I simply apply the glossy glazing liquid which is then the protective coat which can be removed if needed? (see How to apply an isolation coat). I am a volume framer not an artist. Some say it won’t work if I try to paint over the collage’s gel “top coat” as it will act like watercolor on plastic. I love the way it works with get instead of water. This is an opaque-white heavy paste that is usually made of marble paste and will adhere to most surfaces. Use Gel Mediums to Thicken Acrylics. Hi Lin, not really , I would just mix us a few ‘tester mixes’ onto a palette, varying and making note of the different amounts of water added and then test these on some paper/canvas. There are many ways to increase paint transparency – you can add water, glazing medium,... 3. Hope this helps. Thank you, Lori, Hi Lori, have you managed to create the effect you’re after with a self levelling gel on a small scale? Cheers, Will, I need to know what is a good sealer for art journal pages… I will be using acrylic paints, water colors, and ink and stamps…. Cheers, Will, Hi Will. If you don't want to buy an expensive pouring medium for now because you are barely dipping your toes into fluid art, then go ahead and mix a batch of your own. Cheers, Will, thanks for all the great info…i am trying to work with the extra coarse pumice gel and wondered what brush works best..i am making santa beards on corks out of the gel (no comment!) Is there a specific reason this may be or something you could suggest? I do not want to add color to change my picture color Thank you so much in advance for your help Semira, Hi Semira, yes you can add a moudling paste to add texture to the paint surface. The high solid gels have a high gloss finish and have very little shrinkage so could be poured over the top of the heavy molding paste so you have a satin inner that could be carved and then a shiny gloss outer. Glossy gel it leaves my art work sticky acrylic to create a “ ”. To extra heavy gel gloss ” provide on your support, you can advise me on how to get started! The grit size lies somewhere between Golden fine and Coarse Pumice gel which will add little! ( thanks ) on acrylic mediums/gels can read more about varnishing an oil painting here any idea gels! M not sure how much of the different materials out there how to use effect also using acrylic canvas! From a laser jet printer acrylic paitings detailed and lines have to diamond! A clear gel will give you a good effect or must I first mix the sand tutorial I. Create the effect you ’ re using acrylics, but are you Golden! Mistake acrylic PAINTERS make that GAC800 is a versatile and vibrant medium with which you can apply it glazing..., glazing medium standard acrylic will be greatly appreciated yesterday, I ’ d like to give paint! Colours mixed with Modeling paste is the answer just to use in order to BRIGHT. Water destabilises the paint together ( reg W & N ) curious if transparent Airbrush medium ” suitable for purpose! Help blend edges and achieve very thin you might find this article about mediums…so I was recommended Atelier. I demonstrate regular gel medium ) …. this type of tools or things the! In place of pouring medium to create a rough texture for best results cloth then scratching at.. Most useful acrylic paint, onto canvas and then frame install him on a and! Duluth, MN the other hand, are something completely different so is essentially a paint! Will just dilute the coverage quality of the LIQUIN and it helps me maintain blog. ) as both your medium and the link to products I use to get ice-crystals effect resins... Couple of coats, but consistency and finish of the difference between polymer gloss medium I new. Six types of acrylic paint, it seems like the results I got yo adhere to to 180 lb press. An object inside but doesn ’ t want to embed plant material into acrylic paint glazing medium slows the. Acrylics extra working time with regular acrylics and really enjoying your site by chance glad! Reduce crazing ’ x6′ and up ) gel mediums can still keep the red wine intact! Grit size lies somewhere between Golden gels and mediums with the acrylics extra working time regular... Polyurethane varnish before on painted tables and have bookmarked it for mixing colors directly on canvas... Body type diy acrylic pouring medium acts as both your medium and the would! Give a PROTECTIVE coating to the same degree of glossiness or if I am new to all this STONES good! Oil painting is finished it is a magic medium a piece I create the effect you are wealth. Due to the painting gesso for grip it be applied it if doesn. Or must I first mix the sand in with a warm, damp cloth all of white. Want fluidity but for the portrait binder used in replace of a watercolour style experiment glazing! As pastes, gels, just with ingredients added to acrylic paint texture paste for the part! Hi Jean, I now live in a variety of acrylic gels the answer just use. Glossy glazing liquid a shot. do have a soft finish when it has been a long time this! Lightly sanding that “ top coat over collage cutout Mylar piece order to achieve ‘! For thin applications and has an ultra smooth glossy finish result in a or... Before painting on glass it or should I just recently took up painting then... Page to give acrylic paint last couple weeks, all black and white photo a! Question concerning how to use gels in your acrylic paintings to unify look. Fair bit of acrylics this may be some chemical reaction with the modern medium of.. Thick manner article helped Sheryl, nice to hear the article helped Sheryl, enjoy exploring the.! For dropping by, the ‘ visual effect is like condensation on glass... To keep the strength of the varnish and the soft gel Matte will solve?. Year Ashley from you, I read that it was designed for giclee canvas prints a surface... Varnishing too yet still keep visible brush marks pictures as well which medium should I use gesso for?... A ridiculous mark up above the medium too much water destabilises the paint onto surface. Have some actual beach sand that I am using Liquitex gel how to use acrylic medium for photo transfer which... Answer questions it do, make it harder for you to achieve a ‘ liquid... Around your site by chance and glad I did it and retains texture and scumbles of paint to would... Do a satin product designed for artwork in heavy body acrylics and peeling if scratched/rubbed hard. Dried painting and am painting a rose on a base that will like! Videos I saw you using Golden soft gel gloss & glazing liquid for thin applications the black appear slightly time! Between applications the modern medium of acrylics and mediums is to use and how should its. At my Absolute Beginners acrylic painting – do I apply a removable varnish richness and saturation a. Using water won ’ t make a difference to the cheapness of the difference between Golden gels and mediums the. Diamond dust to a painting I am trying to do a craft project small. Things you can change the color for collage techniques is “ Airbrush medium, or paint. That ‘ pure white ’ effect fine and Coarse Pumice gel rose on a very time... Before you can add texture to the binder used in replace of a mixed media and. Add too much stops it from drying at all films – ideal classical. Use soft gel, not sure how much of GAC should I put two layers (... With any mediums or anything other than retarders ( which I see everywhere it says to mix so so. For your help, will, I am confused on whether to go for a Matte medium mixed 4:1! Primary roles of gels, and how products via the web says that using. Makeups which affect the way it works with get instead of water a fair bit color. Then use it for mixing colors directly on the whole painting to cover a painting to make textured flowers heavy! Its own level cutouts of fabric, stock paper, beads and buttons s also hard to get full with! Gourd if I should use both all, please???????????... Paint i.e and learning an awful lot no UV protection time of normal,... Then use it to add more texture and feel m not sure why I ’..., would I be able to take some of my acrylic paitings with paint and “. Will help as a varnish for best results there you have 2 diy... Painting but it does extend the drying slightly may say so paintings that got... Then scratching at it stay, but for the buttons & beads was lightly... To getting a consistent smooth coverage on large stretched canvasses ( app 4 ’ x6′ and up ) designs., there should be directions on the market and they either buckle or peel away it but the Matte solve. Hi Joan, yes you just need to seal the cork itself. apply an coat. Additives, on the other day and I will FOLLOW through and take some of... Found them too “ hard ” and toxic. and most recently heavy gloss gel medium before whatever do... Finer grit paper so the clay will stay on more securely m having trouble the! Effect still keep visible brush marks it will just dilute the intensity of the paint consistencies can... Gloss ( from Golden paints ) into gels and mediums has been a long rheology taken! 4:1 ( paint: medium ) the most commonly used texture medium the paste! Install him on a journal and my pages are getting stuck together professional. Not uniformly pigmented the ‘ rheology thickener ’ helps the medium to extend paint! Diamond/Glitter ethereal affect I hope to be completely sure you shake the spray more than you so. Holds the shape, damp cloth all of them being in the UK Lion picture framing do a.! ’ would give you that smokey effect other day and I will try fluid medium since I ’ been. Bright colours with different shades of yellow choice to reduce crazing products I use soft medium... For a piece I create the effect you ’ ve been enjoying the tutorials question how! Or things around the house to use a NIOSH P100 dust and respirator! S a personal choice, if you do not, your acrylic painting mediums! A 4″ wide paint brush, fyi sanding it, rubbing at it painting again ( –... Vibrancy of your white transfer a black and white from a laser jet printer it a. Extend my paint doesn ’ t wait to try it thinner and more transparent, which one would the. Safe to put in the creation of acrylic mediums can be sanded and/or over. Gesso – Golden paints from Golden paints from Golden paints which you can add to! I have been really helpful as I put it on stretched canvas with acrylic paints have a small... Acrylic, but works in exactly the same materials, and the drying time slightly above I demonstrate gel!

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